How to Avoid a DUI

The laws against criminal activity in the United States are numerous are varied. One law in particular is one of the most notorious in the United States and unfortunately gets violated around the clock, and sometimes with serious repercussions. That law we are talking about is driving under the influence (DUI.) Make no mistake about it, getting charged with DUI is a serious offense and does not designate between the guy who drives drunk all the time and the well-to-do family man who made a one-time mistake. Denver and all of Colorado is cracking down on driving under the influence, to keep drunk and otherwise intoxicated drivers off the road. Let’s look into how to avoid a DUI and some of the consequences of being charged with a DUI.

Avoiding a DUI

There is one failsafe way to avoid a DUI, never drink and drive. You don’t have to be drunk to be charged with DUI, even “buzzed” driving is still considered a DUI. If you consumed alcoholic drinks its best to call a cab, walk, grab a ride, or stay overnight if you can. Never put yourself or others at risk by attempting to drive while intoxicated, even if you are “just tipsy.”

Penalties of a DUI

Every DUI charge is different and the penalties associated with DUI will depend on different circumstances such as blood alcohol level, previous DUI convictions, whether there was an accident, injury and so on. That being said, here are some penalties you can expect from a first offense DUI.

  • Revocation of driver’s license
  • Victim impact panel attendance
  • Jail time
  • Steep fines
  • Community service
  • Mandatory drug and alcohol education classes
  • Mandatory 12-step meeting attendance

What to Do if Charged with a DUI

If charged with a first time DUI you may decide to accept the penalties and get started taking care of them. If this is not your first DUI penalty, or if there are special circumstances surrounding your case, you should consult a DUI lawyer. A DUI lawyer will not take care of all your DUI associated problems but can unquestionably make the entire process less stressful and in some circumstances could have penalties lessened.

If there’s one surefire way to avoid a DUI, it’s by never drinking and driving. You could injure yourself or others and the penalties for even a first time offense can be steep. If you drink, don’t drive.

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Why the Denver Real Estate Market is Booming

The Great Recession of 2008 took its toll on the entire US housing market. Homes sales slowed, housing values plummeted, and the housing market was in a rough way. Fast forward to 2016 and most US housing markets have bounced back to or even above their pre-recession levels. Certain markets have rebounded and then gone above and beyond projections, like the Denver real estate market. So what happened in Denver to make the housing market expand like it has? Let’s look at some of the top reasons that the Denver real estate market has become what it is today.

Why the Denver Real Estate Market is Booming

Denver’s Population is Growing

Denver continues to expand its population by massive figures. The Denver population grew by 1.5 percent from 2004 and 2014 and continues its massive growth to this day. With so many people moving to Denver housing is in high demand. When housing is in high demand, the real estate market will grow to accommodate the population’s needs. As long as the population of Denver grows, the Denver real estate market should grow with it.

Denver is Hiring More Top-tier Talent

One of Denver’s main draws is its economic success and growth, and that’s not just in low wage jobs. Denver’s burgeoning tech industry and other industries are recruiting and hiring top-tier talent to fill positions, and with top-tier talent comes top-tier salaries. When a large sector of your population is doing well financially the real estate market usually follows.

Denver Wasn’t Affected by the 2008 Recession as Much as Other Markets

Not every city and metropolitan area was treated the same during the recession. Western cities like San Francisco, Seattle, and Denver were not hit as hard as many other cities. This is likely due to the boom in Denver’s tech industry. No matter the reason, the Denver real estate market had much less catching up to do than other markets so once the recession ended, Denver real estate was booming again.

If you don’t live in Denver already, you’ll likely have to do a double-take when looking at some of the real estate numbers. As long as the population grows and more companies are hiring high paid positions, the Denver real estate market is likely to keep growing.

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3 Reasons to Consider GenStone for Your Next DIY Project

There are several do-it-yourself home projects out there that will make your home look updated and beautiful. When you’re thinking about home improvement projects you likely are thinking about refacing your cabinets or putting hardwood down, but what about installing stone paneling in your home? Traditional stone paneling takes an expert masonry contractor to get the job done, but no faux stone paneling. Faux stone paneling is economical, looks authentic, and is a relatively straightforward DIY project for most homeowners. Let’s look at some of the main reasons you should consider faux stone paneling with the help of GenStone for your next DIY project.

3 Reasons to Consider GenStone for Your Next DIY Project

GenStone Looks Fanstastic Without Breaking the Bank

Nothing gives your home a touch of character and distinction like stone paneling. Unfortunately, traditional stone paneling is very expensive and very difficult to install. GenStone faux stone paneling is relatively new and gives the color, texture, and appearance of traditional stone paneling. The best part? It’s affordable too. Homeowners can avoid the high cost of traditional stone and its installation cost by doing it yourself with GenStone faux stone paneling.

GenStone Comes in Many Varieities

Traditional stone paneling means you get what comes out of the ground but not so with faux stone. Since it is manufactured and not mined, faux stone paneling gives you much more choice in the look, color, and texture of your stone paneling. If you want plenty of choices, you should go with faux stone paneling.

GenStone Can Be Installed By Most Homeowners

Traditional stone paneling must be installed by a general contractor or mason with years of experience. You can be sure that the type of installation will run up quite the final bill but you don’t need an expert with faux stone paneling. Faux stone paneling is essentially a large puzzle and can be installed by most homeowners. With a DIY install, you can avoid the massive labor charges that come with traditional stone veneer and paneling.

So if you’re looking for the next great DIY project to spruce up your home, look no further than GenStone’s faux stone paneling. The price tag, variety, and ease of installation make this an excellent DIY project for many homeowners.

4 Things to Do If Charged with a DUI

Everyone makes mistakes, but there’s no doubt that some are more difficult to deal with than others. One of the largest mistakes you can make in your life is to drink and drive, and get charged with a DUI. Being charged with a DUI can easily change your life, so it’s important not to let things get too out of hand. If you do make this major mistakes, you need to know what to do to get your life back on track. Here is some advice on what to do when charged with DUI.

What to Do when Charged with a DUI

Be Cooperative During the Early Procedures

When you are first charged with a DUI there will be plenty of paperwork and procedures to take care of. You might be assigned a court date, a court referral officer, and other paperwork. You won’t make any friends by being defiant or yelling at any court or jail personal doing this time, and you could even land yourself with other charges. Be polite, respectful, and start getting things in order to get your life back on track.

Call a Lawyer

It is not always necessary to get a lawyer for your first DUI, but you can’t be certain. Call on a local reputable DUI lawyer and explain the circumstances of your DUI charge and they will let you know if a lawyer’s services might be necessary. If this is a repeat DUI offense, or there are other charges associated with your DUI such as vehicular assault, you should call a lawyer immediately.

Take Care of the Court’s Assignments

Even first time DUIs can come with many penalties and fees such as drug testing, mandatory counseling, twelve-step meetings, community service and more. A DUI charge is never an easy process but you can make it easier on yourself by taking care of all assignments and penalties in a quick manner. Taking care of all your tasks in an efficient, responsible manner will take stress off of your life and may help you out in the judge’s eye.

Seek Help if You Need It

Not everyone who gets a DUI has a drinking or drug problem, but many do. If you think you might have a legitimate drug or alcohol problem, take this is a big hint that’s time to get the help you need.

A DUI is an extremely stressful, trying time in a person’s life. If you stay cooperative, call on a DUI lawyer, take care of the court’s assignments, and seek help, you can get through this.

Special thanks to the experts at Frankfurt Law Office for these tips!

What is Screen Printing?

Custom made shirts, apparel, and other items are useful for several occasions. You could be looking to get your new business a shirt that stands out, looking for hats for your family reunion, or putting together uniforms for a little league team. Regardless of the reason, custom shirts and apparels don’t seem to by dying in popularity anytime soon. So how do the manufacturers make such beautiful designs that stay firmly on the clothing? They’re likely using screen printing. So what is screen printing, and what can it be used for? Let’s find out about the fascinating use of screen printing?

What is Screen Printing?

Screen printing, also known as silk screen or serigraphy is a method of printing designs and colors on multiple mediums. Screen printing uses a combination of mesh screens, differently colored inks, and blocking stencils to print logos, designs, and other graphics.

How Does Screen Printing Work?

Screen printing is not a new method, there is evidence of screen printing as a form of stenciling as far back as the 10th century AD in China. While there has been technological progress to a degree, the traditional process is still fairly simple. The item to be printed on is placed into the silk screening machine or table with the logo or design stenciled or blocked out. The mesh screen is placed over the item before ink is ladled on. An employee makes two passes over the screen with a squeegee or blade, the first pass fills the open mesh areas with the ink, and the second pass pushes the ink through the mesh onto the item, creating the printed design.

Uses of Screen Printing

Screen printing is useful to design custom t-shirts, hats, and other apparel. It is most useful when you want to create a completely custom design for your apparel. Screen printers can work with just about any design and color combination you can throw their way, which it makes it a popular process to this day.

If you’re looking for t-shirts for your work outing, a custom design as a gift, or really any other custom design onto clothing or apparel, screen printing is likely your best bet. Talk to your local screen printing company the next time you are in the need for some custom clothing.